Why and how to use motion design

March 27th, 2024

Imagine you are walking with a map and yet after every few steps you question yourself how to move forward. That's what happens when you break down your user journey into discrete boxes and connect them with meaningless lines.

Motion design plays an extremely important role in conveying the story of a user journey. You'll easily observe in your surroundings that the best designed products in today's time are the ones who invested in motion design early in their design journey. Pick Asana, Spotify, Paytm, Swiggy or any other big product you come across.

Motion design can be integrated in following ways in the user journey:

▶ Acknowledge user actions and provide feedback on the results. This could be as simple as a button that animates when clicked or a progress bar that fills up as a task is completed.

▶ Direct users' attention and guide them through the interface. This could be a subtle arrow that points to the next step in a process or a pulsing button that encourages users to take action.

▶ Show the status of a task or process. This could be a spinning loading indicator or a progress bar that fills up as a file uploads.

▶ Add a touch of personality and delight to your interface. This could be a playful animation that occurs when a user completes a task or a subtle parallax effect that adds depth to your design.

Next time you come across someone who deprioritises motion design you know what to tell! Do follow for more such insights on product, design and business!

Do you remember any examples of beautiful motion design that you've come across?

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