Lamborghini updates their logo

March 29th, 2024

Lamborghini changed their logo! They went from a 3D badge to a 2D style logo. Why would they do this? All major players in technology space like Apple, Reddit, Airbnb, and Shopify have all navigated away from flat design in recent years. I went deeper into the rabbit hole to understand where the difference lies.

Since 2021, L is moving towards a larger transition into a new era of electrification and decarbonisation. They call this strategy - Direzione Cor Tauri (Towards the brightest star in Taurus constellation).

Key changes in this rebrand were:

🟧 3D metallic style is replaced with 2D Flat design
🟧 Colour palette is simplified to black, white and gold
🟧 Bull emblem will now exist alone on company's touch points

The strategy and communication L planned are to appeal the younger generation and signify sustainability, performance, and innovation.

As a brand design enthusiast, here's what I think about this:

🟧 The flat design feels too generic and lacks the depth and luxury associated with the L brand
🟧 Simplifying the colour palette makes the logo less distinctive and memorable
🟧 Separating the bull emblem can dilute the brand's iconic visual identity

Does this redesign truly capture the essence of Lamborghini's power and luxury, or does it fall short? What are your thoughts?

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