Building features that lock the users

March 28th, 2024

You are locked! Yes, that's right. You'll have to break the lock to get out!

Let me explain. I was pondering upon how smart the product people at OpenAI are. They knew merely having the first GPT in the market won't be a differentiator for a long time. There will be better models in the market and eventually the users will shift on those models.

Claude 3 Opus is the smartest model in the market as of today. I've tested it and it is actually very good. GPT4 is like a rambling teen in front of it. And yet, I choose to continue using ChatGPT because of the custom instructions. Claude has no personalisation which means each time I need to define context before asking anything. And this is where OpenAI won.

OpenAI invested early in the user experience and added lock in features like the custom instructions. Out of all models, I genuinely believe only ChatGPT has cracked the UX. Here's how you can also lock the users in your products:

🔶 Allow users to customize their product experience as per their needs.

🔶 Prompt the users to build up a history of data within the product, such as playlists on Spotify or viewing preferences on Netflix.

🔶 Create a seamless connection between your product and other tools or platforms that users rely on. We all know which company does this the best! 🍎

That's all for now. Do let me know if you find such insights valuable. Also, share the products you all are locked into!

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