Done with design with AI, now design for AI

March 26th 2024

There is so much content on Design with AI. So little on Design for AI. Just like how we mastered web first and then mobile first design in the last decade, PMs and designers will now have to up skill themselves in AI first design.

I recently took a deep dive into some of the most popular apps out there, and it got me thinking about the challenges we product builders will need to solve in the coming years.

⚡ Unlike traditional software, AI can evolve and learn from interactions. This means our design must also "evolve". Airbnb's personalised search has search results that keep on evolving as it accumulates more data. For example, if you search pet friendly stays multiple times, the search results will automatically prioritise pet friendly stays!

⚡We'll have to explain what's behind the AI black box! If you notice the OTT platforms, these days, they have started showing why they are recommending certain shows. They write - "Because you watched XYZ". Transparency and explainability will be important to build.

⚡We'll have to ensure that our AI products are designed to prevent unintended consequences. Chatbots do this often by declining to respond to provocative queries.

⚡AI products will have newer ways to interact with them. We are already seeing a rise in conversational interfaces, gesture-based interactions, and even vision enabled interactions where we just point at a thing to provide the input!

What other areas you think we need to prepare to build awesome AI first products? I'd also like to see if you have some interesting resources to share on "Design for AI".

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Krishna Kumar Soni, 2024